SustPack 2017 Dinner & Dialogue

After the success of last year's Dinner & Dialogue, SustPack attendees will once again be given the chance to sit down for a group dinner with their colleagues and discuss various topics around sustainable packaging.  

Led by some of today's biggest industry leaders, Dinner and Dialogue is a great way to continue networking offsite, while enjoying some of Scottsdale's best restaurants! 

Held on Tuesday, April 25, attendees can select from 11 diverse options in both discussions and restaurants. This year's options include:

1- Circular economy and transportation packaging at brand and retail levels. Led by Liza Blackwell from Nike.

2- The little things we can do right now? Led by Jennifer Idol from The Underwater Designer

3- Sharing key learnings in advancing your company’s sustainability work. Led by Kim Carswell from Target.             

4- Sustainable feedstocks for bioplastics Non-GMO vs GMO-free, land use efficiency, sustainable agricultural practices, feedstock conversion efficiency, competition with food. Led by Derek Atkinson from Total Corbion.

5- Circular Economy.  Sustainable Materials Management.  Lifecycle Thinking.  How are they all alike?  Different?  How do they work together for smart decision-making? Join the dialogue around some of the hottest discussion topics in the industry and what policies and metrics are needed to ensure the development of effective environmental programs. Led by Susan Robinson from Waste Management.               

6- Designing for Recyclability. Led by Julie Zaniewski from Unilever.                    

7- Understanding the Bio in Bioplastics. Led by Chris Mitchell from Futamura.                

8- Closing the Loop: How can we connect corporate sustainability goals with sustainable recycling systems? Led by Allen Langdon from Multi-Material BC (MMBC).     

9- Sustainable Materials Management and Circular Econony. Led by Keith Christman from the American Chemistry Council.

10- Connecting your corporate goals to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) – where does packaging fit in? Led by Chris Davidson from WestRock.

11- PET Container Recycling. Led by Anne Johnson from RRS. 

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Please note: Each individual is responsible to pay for their own dinner and drinks at the restaurant.  There are only 7 seats  available for each dinner, so be sure to reserve your desired space early.