SustPack 2017 Conference Day 2

SustPack 2017: Tuesday, April 25 | Program Day 2

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Tuesday April 25, 2017

SustPack 2017 | Conference Day 2: Morning Keynote Presentations

  1. SustPack 2017 Opening Remarks

    GreenBlue and Smithers Pira

    Nina Goodrich, Executive Director, GreenBlue  and Director, Sustainable Packaging Coalition
    Ciaran Little, Director of Operations, Smithers Pira


  2. Opening Keynote Presentation: Imagination: Unpacked

    Adam Montandon | Co-Founder of Factory of Imagination

    Fire up the  machinery  of  your  mind with an inspiring keynote from the  Factory  of  Imagination.   Step inside the cutting edge Danish factory that  makes  ideas  not  things.  Learn wild and wacky thought processes that will stretch  your  mind  and bring  your  ideas  to  life. Join the most exciting production line on the planet, where Adam  Montandon  will use bright, inspiring, interactive examples to boost your out-of-the-box thinking.  To make sure you get the most out of the event, learn the actionable secrets to Scandinavian creativity that are influencing the big ideas of tomorrow.

  3. Opening Keynote Presentation: Leading the Blueprint for Improved Sustainability in Plastic Packaging through Industry Collaboration

    Diego Donoso | Business President, Packaging and Specialty Plastics of The Dow Chemical Company

    Dow is a leader in developing a societal blueprint that integrates public policy solutions, science and technology, and value chain innovation that accelerates our journey towards a more sustainable planet and society.  We are committed to advancing a circular economy model for the lifecycle of plastics that will result in a more sustainable packaging marketplace and a cleaner, better world.  The issue of plastics waste in the form of litter and marine debris negatively impacts our industry’s reputation and threatens our license to operate.  We must work collaboratively across the value chain to actively promote solutions and implement programs that will address gaps in the management of plastics waste in all parts of the globe.  Technology already exists to support recycling and recovery of plastic packaging and is widely used in some countries.  However, with global demand on the rise for plastic packaging, the waste issue becomes magnified due to the lack of effective waste management systems.  Working together, we can strengthen the blueprint for improving the lifecycle of plastics and simultaneously enable a cleaner environment for the global good.

  4. Opening Keynote Presentation: Target’s Sustainable Packaging Journey: the start, the present, the future outlook and what we learned along the way

    Kim Carswell | Group Manager, Owned Brands Packaging of Target

  5. Morning Networking Break

SustPack 2017 | Conference Day 2: Inputs

  1. Feedstocks considerations and the latest functional packaging substrates

    Marc Verbruggen | President & CEO of NatureWorks LLC

  2. The key role that sourcing plays in Coca Cola’s new Sustainable Packaging Strategy and advancements in PlantBottle Packaging

    Sarah Dearman | Sustainable Packaging of The Coca-Cola Company

  3. Aluminum Stewardship Initiative as an Example of Sustainable Sourcing, a Panel Conversation

    Panelists Include: Tetra Pak, Nespresso and the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative

    The Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) is a standards setting and certification organisation that recognises and fosters the responsible production, sourcing and stewardship of aluminium. As a member-based, global initiative, ASI is the result of producers, users and stakeholders in the aluminium value chain coming together to build consensus on ‘responsible aluminium’.

    ASI is developing an independent third party certification program to ensure sustainability and human rights principles are increasingly embedded in aluminium production, use and recycling. In doing so, we continue to seek engagement with commercial entities and stakeholders in the aluminium value chain from across the world.

    Panelists Include:


  4. Networking Lunch

Tuesday Track #1

Track 1: Panel Conversation

  1. Demystifying Packaging Metrics and KPI’s – Panel Conversation

    Panelists Include: The Sustainability Consortium and The Sustainability Consortium Members

    Panelists include:

  2. Navigating Restricted Substances List Applicable to Packaging - Panel Conversation

    Moderated by Nike. Panelists Include: Nestle, Henkel and Printpack


    Liza Blackwell, Packaging Sustainability Manager, Nike, Inc. 

    Panelists Include:

  3. Afternoon Networking Break

  4. Afternoon General Session

    Point-Counterpoint Panel: Policy Pioneers in North America

    Moderator: Garth Hickle, Senior Lecturer, University of Minnesota

    Panelists Include: 

Tuesday Track #2

Track 2: Panel Discussions

  1. Mainstreaming Biopolymers – a Panel Conversation

    Moderated by BPI. Panelists Include: Corbion, Club Coffee and Lux Research

    Moderator: Rhodes Yepsen, Executive Director, Biodegradable Products Institute

    Panelists Include:

  2. The Updated OECD Guidance on Extended Producer Responsibility- Learnings, opportunities and challenges for producers, governments and producer responsibility organizations

    Tim Moerman | EPR expert (Manager) of EY

  3. Study Methods to reduce consumer packaging waste that generates solid waste in Connecticut

    Victor Bell | President of Environmental Packaging International (EPI)

  4. Afternoon Networking Break

  5. General Session

    Point-Counterpoint Panel: Policy Pioneers in North America

    Moderator: Garth Hickle, Senior Lecturer, University of Minnesota

    Panelists Include: 

Tuesday Track #3

Track 3: Panel Discussions

  1. Alternative Tech and Packaging

    Moderated by Smithers Pira. Panelists Include: Clemson University, House-Autry Mills, UPM Raflatac, Packlane

    Moderator: Ciaran Little, Director of Operations- North America, Smithers Pira

    Panelists Include:

  2. The Little Big Things: Holistic Design Thinking Can Drastically Improve Dimensional Efficiency and Overall Sustainability

    Bryan Shova, Sr. Creative Director, Industrial Design and Jennifer Bae Park, Sr. Industrial Designer, Kaleidoscope

    FedEx and UPS recently implemented dimensional weight, forcing customers to pay for shipping costs based on the package dimensions as opposed to actual weight for larger, lightweight items. Although a good move to both reduce packaging and increase efficiency, it is affecting the bottom line for many companies. In order to reduce packaging and increase distributional efficiency, you must look at the entire package lifecycle and all of its components holistically. You will be surprised how some very small changes to the packaging and package journey can make a big impact in the long run.

    During this presentation, we will share firsthand experiences in how to identify key stakeholders, break down the design problem, gather insights, propose design solutions and validate through testing to achieve sustainable design that reduce materials, improve efficiency, and make the world a better place.

  3. Afternoon Networking Break

  4. General Session

    Point-Counterpoint Panel: Policy Pioneers in North America

    Moderator: Garth Hickle, Senior Lecturer, University of Minnesota

    Panelists Include: 

SustPack 2017 | Conference Day 2: Outputs

  1. Digital Moment of Truth: Designing Packaging for e-Commerce

    Dr. Kim Houchens, Director of WW Packaging (CPEX), Sustainability and Brent Nelson, Senior Manager of WW Packaging (CPEX), Sustainability, Amazon

    • Understanding e-Commerce and the branding shift that is driving a different first moment of truth for customers
    • The journey of a package through online fulfillment
    • Designing packaging for e-Commerce that reduces waste, minimizes damage and delights customers

    Speakers Include:

  2. Journey to a Sustainable Packaging Roadmap

    Nelson Switzer, Chief Sustainability Officer, Nestle Waters

  3. Day 2 Closing Remarks

  4. Pub Crawl and Dinner and Dialogue

    Join us for our evening social activities

    2017 Dinner and Dialogue

    As a SustPack attendee, you will not want to miss out onn this year's Dinner and Dialogue, an opportunity to sit down for a group dinner with ​your colleagues and discuss various topics around sustainable packaging, led by some of today's biggest industry leaders at some of  Scottsdale's best restaurants. Click here to learn more.

    Pub Crawl

    Make your way to Old Town Scottsdale and meet your fellow colleagues at the at Goldwater Brewing Company at 6:30 pm to have your first beer and start the pub crawl. 

    From there, we will head to our second location, Brat Haus, where pub crawl participants can grab a bite of eat.

    Then the pub crawl will continue to the following places: 

    *Please note, this year's pub crawl has a capacity of 35 participants. Please bring cash with you as some bars don't take cards.