SustPack 2017 Conference Day 3

SustPack 2017: Wednesday, April 26 | Program Day 3

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

SustPack 2017 | Conference Day 3 Morning Presentations

  1. Opening Keynote: Unpacking the journey

    Jennifer Idol | Owner of The Underwater Designer

    How does a designer and underwater photographer transform into a conservation artist? By following her passion, Jennifer Idol used her communication skills to undertake an endeavor that helps us see how our national underwater world is a treasure we should care for and protect. In her quest, she became the first woman to dive all 50 states and learned key concepts for how we can improve our impact on underwater resources. She designed a book that includes 561 of her images from the journey.


  2. Supply Chain Sustainability: Inputs, Outputs and Impacts, a Panel Conversation

    Panelists include: Intel, Nike, Footprint US and ISTA

    Panelists Include: 

SustPack 2017 | Conference Day 3: Impacts

  1. Packaging Preventing Food Waste, the role and value of Compostable Packaging

    The evolution of the Compost Manufacturing Alliance, the emergence of composter field validation for compostable products, and collaboration with the food service packaging industry to address mutual industry challenges.

    • Susan Thoman, Compost Manufacturing Alliance

     Growing Composting Options for Compostable Packaging

    • Lynn Dyer, President, Foodservice Packaging Institute

    How2Compost Label

    • Jessica Weninger, New Product Development Engineering Manager, Reynolds Consumer Products

     Value of Compostable Packaging

    • Charlotte Dreizen, Project Associate Sustainable Packaging Coalition, GreenBlue
  2. Morning Networking Break

  3. Global Perspectives on Food Waste and Packaging

    Daniel Daggett | Executive Director, Sustainability of Sealed Air

    Food waste is recognized as one of the biggest sustainability challenges the world faces today, with social, environmental, and economic dimensions that must be addressed.  Further complicating the food waste issue are differences by food type, region, and supply chain stage, which highlight the need for multiple solutions.  This presentation will explore where packaging plays a role and how that varies by food, region, and supply chain.  New food waste data is identifying critical needs that only packaging and consumer education can address.

  4. Packaging Mitigating Food Waste, A Panel Conversation

    Panelists include the US EPA, Integrated Waste Management, WWF, OpenIDEO, Tetra Pak and CMI

  5. Networking Lunch

  6. SPC Members Lunch

  7. An Introduction to ASTRX, A Joint Project of The Recycling Partnership and the Sustainable Packaging Coalition

    Learn about ASTRX – Applying Systems Thinking to Recycling, a new initiative to map barriers and opportunities in the recycling system and then identify tactics to increase recyclability and recovery of materials. In this session, SPC and The Recycling Partnership will describe ASTRX, share the project’s progress to date and discuss our plans for the future.

  8. Building Trust in Recycling

    Moderated by GreenBlue. Panelists Include: Waste Management and The Recycling Partnership

    Point- Counterpoint Panel: The tension between recycling right or recycling the things consumer want us to recycle? Recycle everything? Only the things with the most environmental benefit? Only the things most cost effective?

    Moderator: Adam Gendell, Associate Director Sustainable Packaging Coalition, GreenBlue

    Panelists Include:

  9. SustPack 2017 Closing Remarks